Julie Bloch Burton is a native of Colorado, born & raised in Windsor, CO. She obtained her bachelors degree from the University of Northern Colorado.  She has a B.S. in Business Administration/Finance.  She moved from Windsor to Denver in 2003.  This is where she currently resides with her husband, Dave, and two children (Ace & Avery).  Dave is a teacher at Standley Lake High School in Westminster, CO.  Julie loves her job and is a very dedicated worker, in her free time she loves going to all the local festivals & attractions Colorado has to offer. 


Julie Bloch Burton has been working in Real Estate (corporate & residential) since 2001. She has a B.S. in Finance; and leverages her experience, skills and education to help clients make smart decisions. She strives to provide accurate data analysis so that her clients feel comfortable making life changing investments. She looks forward to hearing from you! Cell Phone: 970-396-7435 | Email: